We provide hostel facilities separate for boys and girls with well accommodation and clean environment.
We also give transport facilities.
1. We provide library facility for course books, reference books, entrance examination books, educational magazines, daily newspapers.
2. The students can read library books at our institution. They can also borrow books from the office library if required.
Study materials:
We provide subject-wise study materials to our students.
We give scholarship for students .
1. 90% above students have 20% reduce in their tuition fees.
2. 85% above students have 15% reduce in their tuition fees.
3. 80% above students have 10% reduce in their tuition fees.
4. B.P.L card holders have special discount on tuition fees.
Notice board:
We provide information of specific batches at their respective Exam, ‘Notice Boards’, thus ensuring to save time of the students.
We have installed Aqua-Guard at appropriate locations for facilitating the students to access pure drinking water.
First-aid box:
Primary medicines for any minor injuries and problems.